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Sign Up for Affiliate Marketing
Get 50% of all profits you help generate
1. Generate A Referral Link or Create Your Own Link
Insert your Bitcoin Wallet address. (Make sure you keep this for your records. This is how you get paid.)
2. Promote
Simply host your referral link on your Blog, Youtube Channel, Twitter, Twitch Stream, etc
Anytime a user makes a purchase through your link. You are credited with 50% of the profit. - Not 50% of the total price -
We split the profits 50/50
For Example:
If an item costs $110 on our site, and someone purchases through your referral link, you will earn about $5.
3. Get Paid in Bitcoin
When your account with us has reached a total of $50, we send $50 worth of Bitcoin to the wallet provided in the 1st step.
If someone clicks on your link to get to Cryptopackage and then leaves and returns to the site in a new browser session without your referral ID tag, you will not be credited.